Friday, 13 June 2014

The haunted unforgotten house

The unforgotten haunted house

Firstly ,I choose this title just so the readers will find it really interesting And, this title is actually based on a haunted house and what thing that lives in it.This book is for people who like haunted houses and ghost and other things. Do you know a suitable age for this book.

Secondly, this story is about someone who is a mad scientist that has made a non stop killing machine and hasn't been caught in a single crime it has got a eye on you. On the title there are graves with a one eye monster that has killed innocent people. But there is only one weapon that can stop it

I used this kind of picture because it will really choose the audience.  And the story will be more scary than you think it is, Also I like the way I've done the picture just to give you a little fright. Do you know what is going to happen.