Monday, 11 March 2013

my broken arm

My operation
It all started when my brother and I were playing
wrestling. My brother did a wrestling move  snap!!!!!!!!! my arm went i landed funny owww i screamed. So i ran inside as quickly as i can. then i lied on the couch crying then mum called the ambulance when the ambulance arrived they put out a bed and put a needle in me and then they put a gas pump on me that made me tired and then they put a bandage on me then took me to the hospital then they put me. after that i met my roommate   lucky he snapped two of his fingers off then i slept at the hospital for two days and got a cast.

Friday, 1 March 2013

4 Times Tables


This is the 4 times tables.

The 4 times tables are easy. All you have to do is double doubles. here is a picture of 2 sets of 2x4.
If you look at it side ways it is 2 set of 4. And if you look at the other one it is 4 sets of 2.